Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Monte's Mission Statement

Something needed to be done. With the abundance of music blogs, webzines, and magazines, someone had to step in and act as a check and balance. You have the mainstream whores at big-name magazines, the disgruntled nerds at dominating webzines, and a countless number of bloggers posing as pseudo-intellectual writers, attempting to inform a public that is looking for guidance in the technologically advanced independent music maze that has blossomed in the last few years. They’re falling short of succeeding.

As a reader, who do you turn to? As a music fan, who can you trust? You visit seven websites a day, can’t rely on $5 magazines, and grow tiresome of the sarcastic tone that has flooded the arena of music criticism. People are cutting down artists that haven’t even grown legs, covering only select pieces of the independent realm, and offering misleading information and ignorant perspectives. It’s out of control.

In a democratic society, the press is supposed to be one of the balances, but like our mainstream news media, our music related press is relying on sensational reporting, while failing to properly inform the public. Nothing can stop it, but we can help check it. We will be the committee that oversees the reviewers. We will act as watchdogs and hold them accountable. We will be a starting point and supplement for you.

It is time for the entire field to go through Monte’s Gauntlet.


Anonymous said...

Most excellent. Giving it to us straight. More power to you, looking forward to many posts!

Scott said...

Wow, this mission statement is nothing short of amazing! I truly hope that you can wake some of these people up, and make a change. I applaud you good sir!