Friday, September 29, 2006

Additional Supplement to Soledad Brothers

The Crutch shut down before it could present this playlist done by Soledad Brothers' drummer, Ben Swank. We now offer it here, at Monte's Gauntlet (thanks to Chad for hosting the tracks), as a special supplement. One note: the title of the playlist was created by Swank as well.

"10 Songs To Groove To On a Pain Killer Cocktail After Being Administered a Particularly Nasty Beating From Overzealous Security Goons"

Lightnin' Hopkins - Black Ghost
Geeshie Wiley - Last Kind Word Blues
Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
Abner Jay - Cocaine Blues
Alexander Spence - Little Hands
Bill Fay - Scream in the Ears
13th Floor Elevators - Slip Inside This House
The Outsiders - Misfit
Mammatus - Dragon of the Deep: Part 2
Black Sabbath - all of Volume 4 (Monte chose "Changes")


scarab said...

Hey there,
This blog definitely has the style (has De Stijl ?).
And this 1st mix sounds great.
But a ".mp3" is missing at the end of the 13th FLOOR track.

InMyTree said...

Just found you guys via The Crutch. Lovin' it. Great playlist.

Monte said...

Fixed the 13th Floor Elevators track. Thanks for the head's up.

And thank Ben Swank for that playlist!